About GLU Socks


The sole of each FC GLU Sock features our very own GluTech pads. Each pad is constructed from an adhesive PVC material. Its unique shape not only resembles the FC brand, but also provides the optimal surface area for binding to the inner sole of the boot. This allows for sharper turns and explosive movements on the field.


Engineered for performance


The forefoot of the Glu Sock features a woven toe guard, providing added protection and comfort to the more vulnerable parts of the foot.
The upper surface of the midfoot combines mesh vents with a tightly woven midsection. The midsection hugs the arch of the foot and keeps the sock anchored, while the vents reduce perspiration by allowing the foot to breathe.




Non-slip technology

The leg of the sock incorporates a tri-blend of polyester, spandex and nylon to ensure a secure yet flexible fit that will hold its place throughout the match.